Update: Heath & Safety

By Bob Price
Published: February 13, 2013


This was a Safety oriented course that was sponsored by Gas Council and ran at the same time as Gas Council.

It was designed for newer Health and Safety Representatives to teach them the Law (from the act) by reviewing their rights and responsibilities under the Act along with the Company rights and responsibilities and finally workplace inspections. It was very educational and helpful for everyone in the class.


You could feel the energy in the room grow as the participants learned their roles and responsibilities and rights that go along with being a Health and Safety Representative under the Act.

Touching on a few sections of the Act the members found that they are to be paid to attend meetings, get an hour prep time for a meeting and have the right to refuse unsafe work along with how to handle a work place refusal.


The class was very interactive and forthcoming with questions which only fuelled the interaction between the Instructors and participants.

To bring a group together like this was  very successful and it has been suggested we do this more often as it only energized and tooled some of our employees to go back into the workplace to represent our members.


As they went away from the course we had exchanged emails and phone numbers and I (Bob Price) have received a few phone calls and emails from of the participants for clarification and direction to what they did learn in the class.

So from my point of view…….this was very successful and I can’t wait until the next class.
The following is the class list:

 John Arnold – Workers Health & Safety Center
 Keith McMillan – National Health & Safety Representative C.E.P.U.
 Bob Price – Gas Council Safety Coordinator Class 
 Dawn Jerzyk       8833
 Barb Haist            8833
 Frank McNeil     8833
 Ryan Coombs    8833
 Bryan Wilson     8833
 Karen Falkenstern  8833
 Davis James       8833
 Steve Amyotte  8833
 Dave Hegedus   8833
 Matt Muscat        938
 Terri Ternoey       938
 Carol MacQuarrie 938 
 Jason Hoskins     999
 Steve Popieul      999
 Jason King            999