New Regulation Regarding Asbestos Control in Ontario Workplaces

By Keith McMillan
Published: April 29, 2008

25 October 2005

To: All Locals in CEP Ontario Region (Presidents and Unit Chairs)

Re: New Regulation Regarding Asbestos Control in Ontario Workplaces

Sisters and Brothers

Be advised that the Ontario Ministry of labour released yesterday October 24, 2005 a new regulation regarding asbestos control in Ontario workplaces. This law comes into effect as of November 1, 2005 with the exception of the Asbestos Abatement Training provision (sec. 20) which does not come into effect until November 1,2007.

Please note that this law is important for federally regulated employers in that any federal workers who enter into provincial workplaces are entitled to the protection provided in this new regulation (ie.- a Telecommunications worker working in a provincially regulated workplace). Federal officers will ask a Provincial Inspector to ensure that the provincial employer (or asbestos abatement company) is compliant with this regulation.

Here is the link to the new regulation on the Ontario Ministry of labour website.

You will find that the law is strengthened in significant ways:

  • Added definition of "asbestos containing material" - any material with .5% or greater asbestos content by dry weight.
  • Added definition of "competent worker".
  • Added definition of "occupier".
  • Addition of examination and sampling requirements including criteria.
  • Reduction of the amount of asbestos that can be contained in new insulation from 1 % to .1 %.
  • Tighter asbestos inventory control and maintenance.
  • Occupier awareness training.
  • Type 3 removal worker training via Ontario Colleges and Universities (effective November 1, 2007).

Due to the complexity of this regulation and the complexity and diversity of CEP workplaces, a short overview such as this cannot cover all changes nor all impacts on your workplace. Please ensure your Health and Safety representatives have reviewed the new regulation for the purpose of ensuring your membership enjoys the maximum protection this new law allows.

For more information please contact Keith McMillan at the Ontario Regional office.

In solidarity

Keith McMillan
National Representative H&S CEP Ontario Region