Constitution and By-Laws

By Union Gas Workers Council
Published: May 5, 2005

Article I– Name

1.01 The name of the Council shall be the Union Gas Workers Council, hereinafter referred to as the Council.

Article II – Objectives

2.01 The purpose of the Council shall be to consider and to facilitate co-ordination of the collective bargaining programs of all Local Unions at locations of Union Gas Limited which are members of the Council.

2.02  In order to carry out the collective bargaining programs adopted by the Council,

The following rules are set forth:

a) It is the duty of the Council to formulate collective bargaining programs for recommendation to the affiliated Locals.
b) The desired common objectives and the implementation programs shall be developed by all the affiliated groups and shall be consistent with their agreements.
c) The Council shall authorize the National Rep to direct all phases of such programs; to take whatever steps may be deemed advisable and which are inconsistent with the program in reaching a settlement which shall be satisfactory.
d) No Local Union affiliated with this Council shall be permitted to accept less than the established policy without approval of the Council, or the appropriate constitution.
e) Any agreement between the Council and Union Gas Limited shall subject to ratification by the membership of each affiliated bargaining unit. The voting shall be conducted by secret ballot and all the ballots shall be counted together. The majority of the total membership voting in all bargaining units affiliated to the Council shall govern.

2.03 It shall also be the purpose of the Council to provide a means of dialogue and education for its affiliated members and to provide a means of communication between this Council and the employer or other councils who have interests in common. This Council shall also adopt programs as agreed from time to time by its members.

Article III – Membership in the Council

a) All Local Unions at locations of Union Gas Limited are eligible for membership in the Council. providing financial obligations of the Council have been met.
b) Invited guests are welcome.

Article IV- Organization

4.01 The Council shall function through a Policy Committee and a Negotiating Committee.

4.02 POLICY COMMITTEE: Each Bargaining Unit shall be represented on the Policy Committee (Participation at Gas Council) by not more than three (3) credentialed delegates, and shall be allowed one vote per delegate in attendance. The function of the Policy Committee shall be to develop bargaining objectives and to consider any other matters of mutual interest to the affiliated bargaining units. Insofar as is possible, these activities will be coordinated with other Locals in the Gas Utilities Industry. Guests will be seated and will have a voice and may make motions. However, only the credentialed delegates will be permitted to vote on a question.

4.03 NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE: Each affiliated bargaining unit may be represented on the Negotiating Committee by one (1) member who will also be a member of the Policy Committee. Each member of the Negotiating Committee will have one (1) vote. It is the responsibility of the Negotiating Committee in conjunction with the National Rep and the Gas Council Chairperson to arrange for and participate in all collective bargaining matters between the Council and Union Gas Limited.

4.04 All Certified Bargaining Units shall have equal vote or representation and equal votes at the table subject to roll call votes which can be called by any certified unit at the table, for both Policy and Negotiating Meetings. The Chairperson will cast tie breaking votes only. 

Article V – Officers

5.01 The Officers of the Council shall be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Health and Safety Coordinator, and two (2) Trustees to also act as auditors when required, who shall be elected for a period of two (2) years.

5.02 Elections will be held for the Chairperson, Secretary, and one (1) Trustee on opposite years to the election of the Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Health and Safety Coordinator and the second Trustee. The elections shall be held at the regular meeting of the Policy Committee immediately following January 1st of each year. These officers shall assume office immediately upon election.

5.03 In the event of a vacancy, the Policy Committee shall elect a replacement from the Council.

Article VI – Duties of the Officers

6.01 The Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson shall preside at all the meetings of the Policy Committee.

6.02 The Recording Secretary shall take the minutes of all meetings of the Policy Committee and shall transmit a copy of the minutes to all affiliated Bargaining Units and Delegates. He/She shall be responsible for all correspondence having to do with Council, excepting that which is the responsibility of the Treasurer.

6.03 The Treasurer shall be responsible for handling of all finances, reports, and correspondence relating thereto, and upon approval of the Council, shall pay all bills and claims.

6.04 The Executive shall work as a Representative Committee and may from time to time be augmented by other representation in order to deal with issues at hand.

6.05 The Health and Safety Coordinator will sit on the Safety Advisory Committee for the Company. He/she will also be responsible for keeping all Locals, thru the Council, up to date on all Company Safety updates and government legislation.

6.06 All Sub-Committees shall be composed of members who are approved by the Council.

Article VII – Meetings

7.01 The regular meeting of the Council shall be held not less than every four (4) months. The meeting place shall be determined at the previous meeting.

7.02 Special meetings shall be called by the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson upon a request of a majority of the affiliated Bargaining Units, by the Negotiating Committee, or the National Rep.

7.03 A majority of the affiliated Bargaining Units shall constitute quorum for the transaction of business at regular or special meetings of the Council.

Article VIII – Finances

8.01 No officer of this Council shall have the authority to incur any indebtedness on its behalf or appropriate any money without authority form these By-Laws or from the Council.

8.02 Affiliated Local Unions shall be responsible for the expense of their delegates attending meetings of the Council and any meetings with the Company.

8.03 Delegates approved to perform services on behalf of the Council shall be paid by the Council – Lost Wages, Transportation, Hotel Accommodation, and a per diem.

8.04 The Per Diem is as follows: If a member attends a meeting up to four (4) hours, the Per Diem paid is $40.00. If the meeting is over four (4) hours, the Per Diem paid will be $80.00. If you have to travel to a meeting the night before, there will be a Per Diem of $40.

8.05 Honorarium for Treasurer – $1500
Honorarium for Secretary – $1500
Honorarium for Health and Safety Rep - $1500

8.06. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be authorized to purchase such supplies and materials as are necessary to properly fulfill the obligations of their office. As well, the Executive or Designated will be covered by the provisions of Article VIII, section 8.04 as necessary to properly fulfill the obligation of their office.

8.07 Five Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($550.00) shall be taken from the Council Funds for a hospitality room for each regular meeting of the Council, as well as paying the cost of the meeting rooms and the hospitality room.

8.08 The Council shall maintain a minimum balance of $150,000

8.09 An annual operating budget shall be presented for approval at the May Council meeting. The budget shall establish an annual per capita assessment. This assessment may be paid on a monthly basis. A special assessment may be approved at a regular meeting. Such a request shall not be made until the General Fund falls below $150,000.

8.10 A Local may appeal to the Council for payment of arbitrations, by submitting in writing to the Council Executive. Support shall be granted by a majority vote of the Council. This is intended to protect collective agreement language and to assist locals that are in financial need.

Article IX – Amendments

9.01 These By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the delegates at any regular meeting of the Policy Committee or at a special meeting of the Policy Committee called for this purpose. Notice of any By-law amendments must be given at the Council meeting prior to the meeting where the vote will take place.

Article X – Inter-Union Conference/Other

10.01 The Council Chairperson will attend both the Steering Committee and the Inter Union Gas Conference, at the Council’s expense.

10.02 The Chairperson or Designate will attend other Council meetings who have common interests, at the Council’s expense.

Retyped, with known amendments May 8, 1999; M/S/C by the Policy Committee May 5, 2005